Thompson Method Breastfeeding

Are you wanting to breastfeed but worried about the struggles you've seen friends and family members experience?

Or have you tried to breastfeed but had a painful and frustrating experience?

I found the Thompson Method after seeing so many doula clients struggle with breastfeeding. I found the standard advice given to be ineffective for many and unsustainable.

Most Breastfeeding 101 classes tell you how things are supposed to happen but so often they don't go that way.


  • Interference in the birth and breastfeeding process.
  • Separation of the breastfeeding parent and baby
  • Difficult positioning that is forceful to the baby and uncomfortable for the parent

If you'd like a different approach, one that emphasizes:

  • Maximizing the baby's oral function
  • Reducing the risk of nipple trauma and mastitis
  • Working with your hormones and instincts
  • Caring about the parent's experience
  • Examining the total picture beyond numbers

Then join me for the Beautiful Breastfeeding Program. As a Certified Thompson Method Educator, I will guide you through the Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program.

I provide personalized guidance and support through your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

If you are local to me I can provide Thompson Method-Informed Postpartum Doula support as well.

If you have already purchased the Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program you can upgrade to the Beautiful Breastfeeding Program.

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